Proposal of Loans against Property

Total Process Time is 40-60 Working days from the date of signing of   MOU……..

  1. The Property should be on the owners name or company’s name.
  2. Payment disbursement from 70% to 80% of the Valuation report (AFTER SITE VISIT).
  3. Interest Rate 5 % to 8% Per Annum (may vary, subject receiving the file)
  4. Loan period  10 years + MORATORIUM PERIOD
  5. Registered POA
  6. There is a pre close charge of 4.25% of the loan amount if the loan is within 3 years from the date of landing.
  7. In event if the borrowers return the loan amount after period of 3 years, there would not be any pre closer charges.
  8. Interest will be charged on reducing payment.
  9. Repayment (interest and Principle Amount) will be yearly.

3 Months Bank statements (duly verified by Bank, bank seal is repaired)
Proof of Residence of the Borrower or Directors or proprietor (signatory)
Company’s Profile
Proprietor or Directors Profile
Loan if any on the property has to be disclosed in details
Property Documents


  • After the visit at site, the funder party will assess and let client know how much % funding is possible and what would be the rate of interest and our Company will send you sanction letter of the same.
  • Once Client (borrower) confirm and accept the proposal within a 3 days’ time we will send you the draft copy of MOU for approval.
  • On acceptance of said Draft we shall then enter into the MOU on Stamp paper
  • At the time of signing of MOU the client has to get their all papers in original for verification if they are with the banks or institutions the sanction letter has to be produced and true copy of the said document has to be there for verification.


  • On the very same day or day next to it funder solicitor will published advertisement in the paper and the said expenses will be borne by the Borrower.
    • The add will be published in local newspaper (Regional News Paper and English) and One add in Mumbai in English either TOI or Free Press Journal
  • Paper Public Notice will be of 15 days to 21 days the discrimination is of funders
  • The legal agreement POA and discrimination will take 40-60 working days from the date of MOU and Paper Notice.



  • Submission of valuation report from the party side doesn’t mean that the same value will be considered for. The Funder Company or Management reserves the rights to get assess independently.
  • The Funder Company or management is not going to state or clear or mention any reason of non-funding to any company, person or companies.
  • The Funder Company or Management not going to provide any details of their clients (So please do not ask for any discloser of any Funded Company or Persons name)
  • The Funder Company’s detail will be only disclosed at the time of signing POA. So please do not ask or make a request for the same.
  • No advance has to be collected or paid unfound to by anybody or agency at the time of submission of file for loan.
  • After  loan approval   Processing Fees of 0.5%--1%.In Cash Or Way of RTGS(Legal Expenses bear by the Party)
  • Please note at the time of visit Borrower has to pay Rs.65, 000/- for valuation, certification and visit in cash. One Day Prior to valuation( IF THERE IS MORE THAN ONE PROPERTY RS 30,000/- (THIRTY THOUSAND ONLY) EACH PROPERTY (ALSO BORROWER HAS TO BARE FLIGHT TICKET COST AND HOTEL STAY 5***** IF THE PROPERTY IS OUTSIDE THE MUMBAI
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