NRI Funding

Total Process Time is 40-60 Working days from the date of signing of   MOU……..

  1. The Property should be on the owners name or company’s name.
  2. Payment disbursement from 70% to 80% of the Valuation report (AFTER SITE VISIT).
  3. Interest Rate 5 % to 8% Per Annum (may vary, subject receiving the file)
  4. Loan period  10 years + MORATORIUM PERIOD
  5. Registered POA
  6. There is a pre close charge of 4.25% of the loan amount if the loan is within 3 years from the date of landing.
  7. In event if the borrowers return the loan amount after period of 3 years, there would not be any pre closer charges.
  8. Interest will be charged on reducing payment.
  9. Repayment (interest and Principle Amount) will be yearly.
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